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12 Months of Date Nights 

This monthly date night printable brings back the conversation spark during your date night! 

This free printable was created for you and your spouse continue to date throughout the year and bring back the endless thought provoking talks just like when you first shared when you first met.  

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12 Months of Date Nights 

This free resource gives you date ideas along with space to jot down a memory or takeaways from the date. At the bottom of the page are 3 questions titled Ready, Set, Go. These questions come from Dana Nygaard's recent book - 365 Dates to Renew Your Christian Marriage, Increasing Your Emotional Intimacy One Question at a Time.

This free printable was written by Dana Nygaard an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor who has worked with married couples for over 10 years. This quick but jam-packed marriage resource allows you to learn what foundational habits are needed for a loving and healthy marriage.  

This free printable includes:


  • A years worth of date night ideas

  • Ready, Set, Go questions to ignite a night of conversations

  • Journaling for memories 


This printable supports your date night planning and gets you out with the one you love the most! 

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