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365 Dates to Renew Your Christian Marriage

Increasing Your Emotional Intimacy One Question at a Time

A Catholic marriage enrichment book written by a Catholic, LPC. This book nourishes Christian marriages one date at a time. 


What if you could exercise loving curiosity to strengthen your marriage?

Relationships usually begin with excitement and butterflies in your stomach.  We hang on to our partner’s every word and can hardly stand to be apart.  But this ‘romantic intoxication’ slowly fades and we lose the urgent sense of wanting to know them.  We settle into complacency and allow our busyness to become an idol.  365 Dates to Renew Your Christian Marriage will help you:

  • Set aside dedicated time just for your relationship

  • Pursue your spouse while falling deeper in love

  • Grow in emotional intimacy

  • View your spouse in a new light

Courtship Conversations For Your Date Night 

Couples are navigated through questions in what Dana coins ‘Courtship Conversations’.
Every date consists of three questions:



Which of us is more likely to laugh at an inappropriate time? 

The Ready questions allow couples to reconnect in conversation, often the readers share a laugh easing them into further discussion. 



If you could time travel to meet family members, would you rather go back in history or into the future?

The Set questions were formed to deepen the couple’s conversation while they are enjoying their date night.



Which 3 words come to mind when you think of God? 


Lastly, the Go question is meant for couples to enter into a thought-provoking conversation stirring curiosity while gaining new insights into their spouse’s perspectives.

What People Are Saying About 365 Dates...

“Life was already full of busyness and then came 2020. As the world continues to spin out of control, now more than ever, married couples must set aside time for one another to strengthen their marriages. 365 Dates to Renew Your Christian Marriage: Catholic Edition is a fabulous tool that will help husbands and wives gain the greatest benefit in that purposely scheduled time. Coming from years of expertise in counseling couples, Dana offers a practical guide to aid couples in the growth of their marriage, practically as well as spiritually. Schedule a date and enjoy the questions that will draw you closer to each other and closer to Our Lord.”


ROBERT & DIANE SCHWIND, Three Hearts Institute


About the Author

Dana Nygaard is a Licensed Professional Counselor, speaker, wife and mother. Nygaard is a down-to-earth, cradle Catholic with a heart for the New Evangelization. Her unique blend of
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, authentic Catholic spirituality, and a splash of humor provide her clients and
audiences with practical solutions that have life-changing effects. Inspired by the desire to help individuals and married couples seeking emotional, psychological, and spiritual
healing from a Catholic psychotherapy perspective, she earned her counseling degree from Dallas Baptist University.

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