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5 Daily Habits 
For a Healthy Marriage

These simple habits can improve your marriage! 

This free eBook was written for you and your spouse to form loving and healthy habits that will lead you to a more fruitful relationship. 

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5 Daily Habits That Can Change Your Marriage!

The 5 Daily Habits For A Healthy Marriage eBook provides reflective questions that you and your spouse can review along with detailed methods to help improve on daily habits. 

This eBook was written by Dana Nygaard an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor who has worked with married couples for over 10 years. This quick but jam-packed marriage resource allows you to learn what foundational habits are needed for a loving and healthy marriage.  

The 5 Daily Habits include:


  • Thoughtfulness

  • Respect

  • Affection

  • Encouragement  

  • Teamwork 


This eBook shares these habits in an easily digestible manner, along with simple ways to implement them into your marriage! 

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