A few of Dana’s most popular talks

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Good Fences Make Good Coworkers: Healthy Workplace Boundaries

People are their most effective in a workplace environment where healthy boundaries are nurtured and maintained, thus leading to relationships that are not only productive but charitable.  This talk will enable you to define the different types of boundaries – and whether they are constructive or destructive, to discover a Scriptural approach to boundaries, and review scripts you can apply in your professional and personal life.


Strong Couples: The Foundation of Strong Catholic Families

At the heart of this couples presentation is why we need the Holy Spirit in our marriages and how to integrate prayer on a regular basis. Empirical research supports that a strong shared prayer life is integral to the perfection of a couple’s love and to sustain their indissoluble unity. Participants will learn how to lovingly increase their spiritual intimacy - the opposite of spiritual isolation.


Affective Affirmations in Marriage

Do you regularly tell your spouse what you admire about him or her?  This talk highlights the necessity of affective affirmations that can take a marriage from good to great.  In this research-based presentation couples learn how to demonstrate respect and affection through their words, while avoiding insincere flattery.  During the presentation couples will enjoy private moments to put their new understanding into practice.


From Crisis to Cana

How many times has your office phone rang and the person on the other end is in desperate need of healing in their marriage?  This workshop provides parishes and dioceses insight into ministering to couples in relationship crisis, while learning the words to say when an anguished call is received.  Confidence is gained by understanding and grasping the underlying issues, which is done via scripts that illustrate the foundational process of supporting, empathizing and speaking the truth to people in crisis.


Spiritual Sanity for Motivated Moms

This Lenten Mission is designed for mothers.  Being a mother is likely the hardest job you will ever have.  Learn which labels you or others have placed upon you that are stunting your personal and spiritual development.  Discover spiritual practices that you can incorporate into your faith journey.  Claim your rightful place as a princess of the Most High God!

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