A toolkit for your marriage

The Art of Marriage: Strengthening Your Relationship During Difficult Times

This series will help couples grow in holiness, charity and humility by

focusing on their marriage from their perspective of each spouse’s individual responsibility. Couples will explore the topics of commitment, gratitude and forgiveness in their relationships.


Cana Communication

This two-day retreat is a journey where couples grow in intimacy through proven communication techniques, identifying areas of potential growth, building on strengths, deepening their love and exploring solid Catholic marriage theology.


Cana Commandments

At this one-day retreat, couples discover how God’s gift of the Ten Commandments, not only applies to their individual lives but to their marriage as well. The retreat is designed to open hearts and minds regarding their approach to their marital union

Image by Bekir Dönmez

Cana Engagement

Cana Engagement is an experiential pre-cana retreat designed to bring engaged couples to a deeper level of intimacy through faithful understanding of what it means to enter and live a valid and sacramental marriage.  Throughout the two-day retreat the engaged couples grow closer to each other and God.  They increase their understanding of marriage by learning to give of themselves, how to communicate in a way that deepens their bond, and how living what God calls them to in marriage opens their relationship and future family to the Graces of the Sacrament.

Dana is happy to tailor a talk to meet the needs of your parish/event.