As a dedicated Psychotherapist, Dana Nygaard continues her mission to help form marriages around Christ. 

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365 Dates: In Conversation with Dana Nygaard

Today, I continue my ongoing series of conversations with published authors as I’m joined by Dana Nygaard, author of the new book 365 Dates to Renew Your Christian Marriage – Catholic Edition: Increasing Your Emotional Intimacy One Question at a Time. Greg and I have been married since 1986, and yet I still find “dates” with my husband to be one of life’s greatest gifts. I love that Dana has provided such a lovely tool for us to focus on truly cherishing our marriage relationship. It’s never too early or too late to focus on bettering our communication with one another. 

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Guadalupe Radio Network at Sacred Heart Books and Gifts

Dana Nygaard was invited back to Guadalupe Radio Network while they were out at Sacred Heart Books and Gifts of Dallas. During her time on air they dove into the process of writing 365 Dates to renew your Christian Marriage, and the difference between her Christian and Catholic edition. 

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Guadalupe Radio Network 

Dana joined Guadalupe Radio Network to discuss her upcoming Book launch for 365 Dates for your Christian Marriage. As the leading Catholic Radio Network in Dallas, Guadalupe Radio Network invited Dana to speak about her newest work to ground Catholics marriages in Christ. 

North Texas Catholic  

New apostolate enriches marriages with ten commandments

COLLEYVILLE — “One of the things I love most about my spouse is her attention to detail,” Paul said during a Cana Commandments Retreat Nov. 2 at Good Shepherd Parish in Colleyville.

“You are blessed and highly favored,” responded Armando, who continued the exchange. “One of the things I love most about my wife is her charisma.”

“You are blessed and highly favored,” answered Paul.

The two men then circulated the room to share additional positive attributes about their spouses with others on the retreat. This “Life-Giving Words” activity helped couples reflect on Commandment Two of the Ten Commandments of Marriage:  Thou shall speak well of your spouse.

By the end of the activity, all 10 couples on the retreat had shared 16 positive attributes about their spouses with another person.

“It’s important to build up positive emotional memories of your spouse and you now just built up 16 new positive memories in your brain,” said Dana Nygaard, Cana Commandments author and facilitator. View Full Article